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Hello Tribe!!! How are y'all doing in these Emperor Tinubu days? The Naira is being bullied by the US dollar and the Naira is failing to fight back! Sobs in Fx Chai, Uwa! The world is a strange place * inserts Nollywood soundtrack* Real-time though, October is quickly coming to an end, and before we know it, BOOM! It's 2024.. While we still have some weeks till the end of the year, let's make it count. The Flu has been in the air in Nigeria, so make sure to beef up on your vitamins, try to rest when you can (Lagos people just left the group chat hehehe), work out and eat well.

For our listeners in the diaspora, reports reaching us in Lagos speak to cooler climates and the coming of Halloween, but that one no really concern una, because which one consign comrade, consign Halloween, if no be fake life? Lool. This greeting is holistic, and if we missed out on representing you, do twenty jumping jacks and feel better.

The past few days have been reflective and deeply saddening as Nigerians, once again in remembrance, mourned the loss of friends, brothers, sisters, children, Aunties, Uncles, parents, and loved ones. 20th of October, 2020 will forever be daunting in our memories and heavy in our hearts as we remember those who had come out en masse to demand for safer, accountable systems of governance, but met death, death at the hands of those who had sworn to protect, guide and guard them, at the Lekki toll gate. May their souls continue to rest in the bosom of the Almighty, Amen. (Please say a prayer)

On this week’s episode of your foremost podcast out of Nigeria on matters of citizenry, economy, policy and Naija living 234 Essential Podcast, our insides are on the outside (who remembers the talk show, Inside- Out, from back in the day?) as we speak on Mental Health, triggers, city loneliness and so much more with a licensed clinical therapist, Amanda Iheme.


Amanda Iheme is a licensed clinical psychologist and an architecture photographer in Lagos. She is the clinical director and the lead clinical psychologist of NDỊDỊ, a private mental health practice where she works with private clients suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, trauma and existential crisis, provides psychotherapy and consultation services for corporate firms and facilitates private and public lectures.

The conversation gave insights to the practice and the patients. Mental Health conversations, in recent years, have been on the rise, and we thought it necessary to have these conversations with a professional. As you listen to this insightful episode, Inside Out, we hope you are as impacted as we were and were able to delve into known unknowns. Listen to episode 168 of your favourite podcast, 234 Essential. Join the conversation by giving feedback, send in questions to fanmail@234essential.com, and check out our social media platforms @234essentialpodcast on Instagram, Threads, Facebook, TikTok, and X, for the visual content of this episode!

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234 Essential

234 Essential

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